Education Research Consortium

Global change has impacted the performance of both institutions and students. The Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training (METV) and the Higher Education Development Unit (HEDU) has established the Education Research Consortium (ERC) for this purpose. The ERC was formed to facilitate the transformation of educational institutions through collaborative, theoretically-supported research.

The goal of the ERC is to provide support for planning and development initiatives of the METVT and other Government ministries. The aim is to engender teamwork and empower individuals to investigate the challenges and successes within our societal context with a view to finding valid and sustainable solutions. ERC is an assembly of diverse partners who have the capacity to articulate questions of value, contribute to discussions, and highlight policies that will have implications for local, regional and international settings.

The consortium members are dedicated to support institutional change within the education system. The fundamental aspects of education are in a constant state of flux, because of the unpredictable economic, social, cultural and political circumstances of 21st century. The ERC is an enabler/driver of strategy that will actualise the following objectives:

  • Fostering a sustainable research culture within the education system
  • Conducting and producing high-quality and policy-relevant research and analysis
  • Providing research based evidence for policymakers and administrators to inform national policy initiatives and improving education
  • Strengthening the capacity of educational institutions which enables evidence based
  • To encourage collaboration among researchers on a national, regional and international level and to rapidly disseminate information that promotes progress and avoids division of effort
  • To promote development through alignment with international best practices

The ERC has engaged researchers that look to examine the challenges that face our educational system currently and offer the empirical evidence needed for reinvigoration of our system. Simply put, the ERC‘s purpose is rooted in the delivery of research that will bolster the relevance of Educational programs delivered in Barbados, that is aligned to the economic needs of the labour market and innovatively driven.