Hope Agriculture Training Institute

Conceptualised since 2008, the HATI is designed to provide practical training facilities within 45 acres of land that will focus on both livestock rearing and crop production. The facilities will have residence halls for students, demonstration facilities for fruit and vegetable processing, greenhouse technologies, abattoir management and research labs for faculty and students. The project will commence with chickens, rabbits, pigs and black belly sheep with the aim of bring greater utilisation to the indigenous lamb market.

This Ministry in collaboration with the Peoples Republic of China agreed to a design scheme to be located on the Hope Plantation in St Lucy. The Institute will support programmes in Agriculture and Environmental Science at the UWI, Barbados Community College, the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology and primary and secondary schools in the north of the island. The HATI is being funded through a Grant from the Peoples Republic of China and is part of a co-curricular project with the UWI that is inclusive of the Food Security and Entrepreneurship venture at Dukes Plantation in St Thomas.

It is expected that the resulting construction of this training facility will transform the delivery of agricultural education in secondary and tertiary institutions, while operating as an innovative mechanism for economic development in Barbados. Increases in the number of persons trained in agriculture, additional contributions to new technologies, increase in agriculture contribution to GDP by encouraging import substitutions where possible, and new careers and jobs created in the agriculture sector are but a few of the tangible areas of anticipated impact.