Skills for the Future Programme Component III

The primary goal of the Skills for the Future Program (SFTF) is to support the Government’s Human Resources Development Strategy (HRDS). Improvements to quality, relevance of Secondary Education and the effectiveness of Technical and Vocational Education and Training are the central focus of SFTF. Component III of the project involves of the programme involves Institutional Strengthening at all levels and is designed to support the post-secondary institutions through the following:

  • Business plan development and implementation for the institutions involved in the programme
  • Leadership and capacity development to respond to the challenges of revamping the TVET system
  • Improved data and information systems in the Ministries and related agencies involved for better analysis, policy making and dissemination to the general public including modifications to the existing Continuous Labour Force Sample Survey (CLFSS)
  • Leadership Training and Capacity Building – the provision of leadership training for twelve (12) secondary schools select secondary schools, the METV, TVETC, SJPI, BVTB and ETTC to encompass such areas as:
  • Change management
  • New programme planning and competency based program development concepts
  • Environmental sustainability for institutional efficiency
  • HR re-training and planning and implementation of key performance indicators.
  • Institutional Policy Development, and
  • Review of Apprenticeship and Internship Programmes in Post-Secondary Institutions