Student Management System

Colleague is a student information system that is utilised by over 650 institutions across the world. Locally, the Barbados Community College and the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology utilise it for management of student information. Colleague was implemented in 2011 to assist each institution with the effective management of student records, registration and the application/admissions process. This is achieved by capturing pertinent information about each student from the prospect stage through to the graduate stage. Typically this information includes:

  • Personal information
  • Academic programmes and courses
  • Class rosters
  • Registration
  • Transcripts
  • Academic evaluations and standings
  • Student finances and accounts analysis
  • Graduation audit

However, not only is this advantageous to students, but it enhances critical decision making processes of an institution by incorporating a number of reports that can easily be generated. For example:

  • Undersubscribed classes are flagged
  • Outstanding fees are recognized
  • Withdrawal statistics can be determined.

As we move forward it is our aim to constantly introduce and implement features in Colleague that will improve the way in which the BCC and the SJPI conduct their administrative duties with respect to student information management. Erdiston college will be added to the user group in 2018 and there continues to be ongoing integration with SmartStream.